Cleat extender plate - XPU universal 3-hole (bulk)

Cleat extender plate - XPU universal 3-hole (bulk)

The FORM XPU extender plate offers riders extra adjustability outside the range of standard 3-hole road cleats. This includes rearward adjustment, medial adjustment or lateral adjustment. 

The XPU is designed to provide some very useful foot positioning options;

  • The front position gives an additional 10mm of medial or lateral adjustment, combined with an additional 8mm of rearward adjustment, compared with a standard cleat. 
  • The rear position gives an additional 20mm of rearward adjustment, combined with an extra 3mm of medial or lateral adjustment, in addition to the stock position.

If you ride SPDSL, Look or any 3-hole pedals and want to experiment with a wider range of foot positions, this plate is for you. Adding just 3mm to your stack height, the plate can solve a wide range of issues associated with stock cleat positioning.

PACK INCLUDES: Four plates (2x sets)  / M5 nuts / T-nuts / base plate screws / cleat screws

*Please check picture gallery for instructions

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