Cleat wedge - universal 3-hole (kit)

Universal 3-hole cleat wedge image

Cleat wedge - universal 3-hole (kit)

Cleat wedges are used to correct foot pronation, increase proprioception and provide better stability and control whilst cycling. They are also used to indirectly alter knee angle to reduce lateral or medial knee pain associated with bad leg tracking. 

Cleat wedges angle the rider's shoe/foot by means of changing the angle between cleat and shoe. Each wedge offers 1 degree of tilt and multiple wedges can be used to achieve the desired angle.

Wedges are best fitted during a bike fit session or within a pedaling/power assessment. However, they can also be fitted judiciously by riders themselves providing the exercise is done in a controlled manner.

Universal 3-hole cleat wedges are compatible with Shimano SPDSL, Look style 3-hole cleats and Time/Mavic pedals.


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