Heel wedge - universal road / MTB (bulk)

Heel wedge image

Heel wedge - universal road / MTB (bulk)

Heel wedges are used inside the shoe to cant the rear of the foot and directly correct and support rear foot valgus/pronation. 

In a similar manner to cleat wedges or forefoot (in-shoe) wedges, the heel wedge lifts the collapsed side of the foot, increasing stability and control. However, unlike the cleat wedge (which cants the entire shoe), or the forefoot wedge (which cants the forefoot directly and the rearfoot indirectly), the heel wedge adjusts only the heel.

Featuring a 1-degree tilt the heel wedges can be stacked together to achieve a steeper angle, or stacked at opposing angles to achieve a heel lift if required. They come in one size and are trimmed to fit. 


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